Asterisk/phone transfering call when # key is pressed

Hello everyone,
One of our customers is experiencing a problem with Asterisk PBX. Basically she often needs to call some services that require to enter some digits to browse the menu. Few of them require, at some point, to insert a string of numbers followed by #. The problem is that as soon as she types the #, the call gets transfered. We then found out that of course this happens in every call, everytime she presses #, an audio message reproduces saying that there are no extensions found or something.

I reviewed my extensions.conf file, but I didn’t find a reference to this behaviour.

The Asterisk logs regarding this problem are:

-- Started DTMF blind transfer.
-- Started music on hold, class 'default', on channel 'SIP/0110898XXX'
-- Playing 'pbx-transfer.ulaw'
-- Dialed no digits.
-- Playing 'pbx-invalid.ulaw'.  (3 times)
-- Playing 'privacy-incorrect.ulaw'
-- Channel SIP/427 left 'simple-bridge' (...  Our test ends and we hangup).

I don’t know if I should copy the extensions.conf file, it’s quite long. Meanwhile, does anyone have an idea of what section I should edit? Searching the extensions.conf file for an occurrence of ‘#’ does not return anything, the pattern is not found in the conf file.

This is controlled by features.conf, although options on Dial can be used to disable subsets of he features.

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