Can only use # to transfer calls

Hi all,

Here is my features.conf:

transferdigittimeout = 2
courtesytone = beep
xfersound = beep
xferfailsound =beeperr
asdipark = no
pickupexten = #8
parkingtime = 30
parkingpos = 701-720
context = parkedcalls
parkext = *70

blindxfer => *1
atxfer => *2

After restarting asterisk (restart now) and even restarting the server to be on the safe side, the # is the only thing that seems to trigger a transfer, even with the above features.conf setup.

The wiki seems to suggest that I can use something such as *1 to active a blindxfer, but only # seems to work.

Thanks for any suggestions.

possibly your phone is snarfing the *8 thinking you are trying to dial a vertical service code (ie *67 to block call waiting)?

It could very well be… I’m using a GS Budgetone 100 for testing. I’ve also tried it using XLite with the same results.

The odd thing is that even if it’s set to “#1” to perform a blindxfer, the transfer routine is immediate activated by the “#” and does not wait for the full “#1” to be entered on both the sip phone as well as XLite.

The good news is that it’s supposed to work so once I’ve figured out what I did to possibly screw things up, I’ll be on track I’m sure.

Thanks for responding.

in the BT setup turn off Use # as Dial Key and Enable Call Features. That may help…