Asterisk PBX Turn Key Solution

To Whom It May Concern:

        I am looking for a company to install asterisk with a PRI Card in a small form factor.

        We currently run a lot of TDMoE and want to outsource the remote server part.

        Hardware we currently use:
        Shuttle XPC SK43G
        Kingston KVR500X64 512 RAM
        AMD Athalon XP 2700 
        USB memory
        Digium Single Port PRI Card

        FreeBSD (but willing to goto Linux)
  •      running an IAX Trunk to my main server with the PRI
  •      these servers hand off TDMoE to a Traditional PBX
         Our system runs FreeBSD and can book from the USB memory stick, so it only has the power supply as moving parts.
         I am open to changing the USB to a regular IDE Hard Drive if this is too difficult of a task.
         I was hoping you could quote me:
  1.   hardware and installation
  2.   installation of Asterisk (Linux OR BSD)

email me @

Thank you,
Aryn Nakaoka

Hi, we can do the works for you. What country are you based?