Asterisk as a hotel PBX


I have been researching on replacing the PBX in our hotel with an asterisk setup (channel banks with T1 interface for POTS extensions, and quad ISDN BRI for external dialing).

While I have found most information I need, there are a few things I am uncertain and would appreciate some advice:

[ul]Should I go for a SUSE installation “because CentOS is problematic with ISDN” (I have read that here). Has anyone (well in Europe) had any experience on that)? I am usually using Fedora Core and recently setup a Centos server.[/ul]

[ul]I consider the digium B410P for ISDN BRI. Things are not clear here. There are many ways to use the card as far as I can understand. Using the card with the new DAHDI driver means that libpri needs not to be used? My belief now is that DAHDI will provide the card driver but libpri will do the ISDN BRI stuff (now that it does support BRI). Am I correct?[/ul]