Asterisk + panasonic

i’m using asterisk and i connect it to panasonic tes824 through FXO card now let’s say that i give asterisk the extension (103) from the panasonic pbx and there is a phone in the panasonic pbx have an extension(105) and i have a sip user in asterisk called (user1) now here is the
configuration in asterisk
exten => 105,1,dial(ZAP/1/105)
exten => 105,2,hangup()
exten => s,1,answer()
exten => s,2,dial(SIP/user1)
now when i call 105 from the user (user1) everything goes well and the hard phone ring the the call established but when i called 103 from the hard phone then i hear ringing but no signal come to the user (user1)in spite of in configuration i told asterisk to call user (user1) whenever a call come to test context
would u plz tell me what happend here
and i’ll be thanked


Was the above just a typo (singnalling)?

oh sorry yea singnalling=fxs_ks is a typo
do u have any idea about this problem

anythng stopping you posting a log file fragment for a failed call ?

No there is nothing in the log file it seems like that Asterisk doesn’t make attention to the incoming call from Panasonic(The HardPBX)