Asterisk + Panasonix Pbx


I am using asterisk 1.4 without any problem all things are going perfectly.

Now i want to connect asterisk with our old panasonic pbx 1232 on panasonix pbx i have extension 150 i have connect that extension to asterisk through fxo port and in asterisk forward all incoming call to asterisk extensions 53. so, when any one call 150 from panasonic pbx than all call reached to asterisk extension 53.

But when i want to call from asterisk to panasonic pbx there is no luck, any body please tell me how to define in extensions.conf to communicate from asterisk to panasonic and panasonic to asterisk.



all you have to do is to call that fxo channel which is connected to extension 150 of you panasonic.

for instance…

or you can see here and visualize my reply … egacy+pabx


Thanks for your help and now i am able to dial panasonic extension from asterisk but will you please tell me how to dial asterisk extension from panasonic extension directly with playing message like please dial extension no.

I want directly dial asterisk extension just like we dial panasonic extension from asterisk.



ok if you have access to your panasonic PABX you can set a code that will point you the extension 153. like, when somebody dial that code from pansonic he/she will pointed to extension 153. after dialing that code he/she has chance to dial extension @ *.

@ asterisk make sure that your fxo channel is a member in incoming context(check you zapata.conf) so every call from panasonic will goto incoming context ,like…


Thanks for your support. Please tell me what is the meaning of last three line.

exten => _123,1,Goto(internal,123,1)
exten _123,2,GoTo(incoming-from-pana,1)

and in internal context we have define asterisk extension like

exten => 53,1,Dial(SIP/53,40)
exten => 54,1,Dial(SIP/54,40)


please stop the repeated posts. it won’t help you get an answer :unamused:


Please read both post carefully one post is connect using FXO port and another post is connect using FXS port


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