Asterisk V 1.2.7 and Panasonic PBX

Dear All Experts,
I am facing a problem need your help.
I am using a TDM400B, 04 FXS ports.
When calling to PSTN, with polarity pulse, It will indicated answering only called pickup phone. I did not know why when calling to the PBX extension it did not indicate answering although called was ready pickup phone.
Could any person guide me how I can solve it?
Thank you so much for your advice.
Best regards,
Vu Quoc Viet

I don’t understand exactly how your configuration works between the Panasonic and the Asterisk server. Are you using the FXS port for analogue phones?

Dear Leemason,
I using FXO port connecting to PBX Extensions.
Have you got any advice.
Best Regards
Quoc Viet

Sorry dude your English is hard to understand… explain with lots and lots of detail and that should work around a communications barrier as we can fill in the blanks from waht you probably are doing.

You can connect PBX extension ports to Asterisk FXO ports, set to FXS_KS signalling
You can connect PBX line ports to Asterisk FXS ports, set to FXO_KS signalling

First explain in full detail how things are setup (what phones are there, where is PSTN connected, etc)
what exactly do you want to happen, and what is actually happening / how do you want it to change?