Asterisk on wrt54gl

hi. can i install asterisk on WRT54GL? how will be the performance of the pbx?

yes you can!
Use openwrt as firmware and then install openwrt
(opkg update/opkg install asterisk18)

But i think you can better use a linksys wrt160NL. That has a usb port on which you can hang an external disk (more storage+exta swap )

I haven’t done it myself yet but i think that for at home it is good enough. Concurrent calls will be probably difficult because lack of memory and cpu power.


thanks tom for the support. can i revert back from openwrt to dd-wrt?

As I understand it, it is necessary to perform the SD modification to add memory and run Asterisk. Not sure if this true with OpenWRT: maybe Tomdemoor can comment on the necessity of additional flash memory. The 54GL has only 4MB of flash memory. If it is not necessary, then I would certainly be interested, because I have a WRT54GL collecting dust.

I have stoodup Asterisk on the Asus RT-N16 and found the two USB ports, more RAM and Flash to be well worth the incremental cost: a “no brainer”. The time saved by just plugging in a memory stick into the USB port also justifies the incremental cost of the Asus.

UPDATE: Page 184 of Google Books: Linksys WRT54G Ultimate Hacking addresses Asterisk on the 54G.