Asterisk+Lighthttp+PHP on WRT54G3G


Anyone think this is asking too much!
I want to install Asterisk, Lighthttp & PHP on a WRT54G3G.

I don’t need the WiFi or 3G functions of the router, which seems a waste but I have this laying around.

I’ve already installed the Kamikaze 7.0.9 firmware on it.

AFAIK the spec is,
Broadcom 4712 Processor running at 200MHz
4Mb Flash, 16Mb Ram

As this unit has a pcmcia port, I was thinking of attaching my adaptered 4GB Compact Flash card as storage. But I aren’t sure of whether this is all too much. I’m only wanting to run a visual voicemail service for my iPhone, so the asterisk server would deal with one sip incoming line and the web server would deal with making available the voicemail via the iPhone Visual Voicemail Project which requires a web server with php, smarty and iUI.

Your thoughts?

Furthermore, if it’s worth a go, can I load Asterisk + web server on to the flash card or does the whole thing have to be on the WRT54G3G flash?