Asterisk on Nokia


Nokia has announced to release the e-series of phones in Q I next year. These phones have (finally) a sip-client and WLAN included. But since SIP has firewall issues and might be blocked by opperators, it would be really cool, if one could connect to an asterisk server on the same phone and use IAX to connect to the outside. Further possibility would be the use of some “zeroconf” features to detect nearby phones, use DUNDi or ENUM on dial out, and have a better voicemail …

Did anybody had a look into this?
Are all of those features to much to ask for?

JH Doerner

The Nokia E-Series appears to run on the Symbian OS as does most of its Nokia predecessors:

I am not aware of any ports of Asterisk to Symbian, although it is an interesting idea. Now, a Linux Smartphone on the otherhand…:

I like the idea of tying together zeroconf, Bluetooth, proximity, etc into some very interesting apps…

I had a look at the specs of the Nokia 770.
Given N.'s background it’s surprising they did not put emphasis on telephony/VoIP/SIP, creating a WiSIP device. I cannot wait for a mature WiSIP phone, and the 770 isn’t going to be it, for lack of phone specific hardware. The platform has great potential though, it’s Linux. Here’s what I’m hoping for: N. will take the 770-SW and adopt it to run a true WiSIP phone, which might look and work like your cell phone or cordless. At the same time you 'd have all the control over the SW you could ask for, port IAX, for example.