Softphones for symbian?

I’m thinking about bying a symbian-based mobile phone (Motorola A1000 or Ericsson P910 most likely).

I’ve tried to goolge for SIP clients that runs under symbian/UIQ but so far I haven’t been able to find one. Does anyone know if such a client exists?

Did you ever find any softphones? I’m thinking about getting the Nokia E62…

The E62 is a heavily branded E61. Friend of mine got one, and neither WLAN adapter nor VoIP client are available. If you go Nokia you need a full featured E series phone. I got the E60. It works but there’s little nagging issues left and right… not ready for prime time quite yet IMHO.

then buy nokia n80i its a good mobile for asterisk… and more features that
would compete non voip mobile phones such as 3.0 Mega Pixels camera