Asterisk not installing

Am new to Asterisk, i want to deploy asterisk in my organization however, i have a standalone workstation with windows 10 pro running. i have installed VM on which i intend to run the Asterisk PABX on. upon the installation on VM, it will bring a page showing the different versions of asterisk to install but my tab and enter keys are not working.

PLEASE HELP. Also, most the host system be running on Linus?

What are you installing on the VM? Do you mean AsteriskNOW?

Also, note that I would not advise installing Asterisk on a VM on a workstation, as Asterisk needs priority access to CPU and memory and is unlikely to get it in such an environment.


Am installing AsteriskNow…

the host system is running on windows 10 while i have VM running… i want to install the Asterisk on the VM

The host system can run on anything, as long as it properly emulates a bare machine. It sounds like there is a problem with your VM host.

However, I’d stress that, unless you are an expert in configuring VMs, and the the total workload on the host is carefully controlled, you may find that the audio breaks up if you install on a VM on any host, as Asterisk really expects <20ms scheduling latency, and accurate time keeping, even under conditions of high load.

i have been able to install it now but asking for local host login, login and password.

i only set password during instsllation…

how can i reset this???