Asterisk on a virtual machine? anyone?


I am planning on creating a virtual machine on my windows vista machine. And on that virtual machine i’m going to install linux and try to run Asterisk… has anyone tried running asterisk on a virtual machine?

How does it run? Any problems? Or is it fine?



I currently have an Asterisk server running on a virtual machine.
i use VMware 2.0 on a real server, on which i have the virtual machines. Asterisk does not know the difference between normal and virtual as long as you install Linux properly :wink:

i do recommend using a non vista platform though. Using Windows XP or Server 2003 is better in performace to run VMware on. Vista uses alot of memory standard.

Also i assume you are using that Vista machine? running a Virtual Machine on the computer you are using eats CPU and Memory, i advise running it on a seperate machine then the computer you are using ^^

Hi Frank,

I am using a Vista machine and I am using VMware 6 Workstation to run my Ubuntu Server w/ asterisk in it. No problems whatsoever.

I tried also on vmware but the voice i’ve heard was broken, anybody knows how to fix this?

i have had that too when i had installed a pre-installed package. atm i use Fedora core 9, with 1.6 beta 9 of asterisk, i installed the asterisk-alsa package along with it (with yum install asterisk-alsa), this loads sound drivers or something along the like though not the sounds itself. for the sounds i followed this little piece:

The Fedora project does not yet package Asterisk’s audio files because their copyright holder has not yet assigned a license to them (see Red Hat Bugzilla bug #428832). These audio files are required to implement features like an echo test and voicemail. Fortunately, it is quite simple to install them. Visit the Asterisk website and download the latest Asterisk 1.6 series release. Inside the Asterisk archive is another, sounds/asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm-1.4.11.tar.gz. Extract this archive file into /usr/share/asterisk/sounds.[/quote]