Forward to cell phone?

I just install the asterisk now free edition , but can’t find transfer extension to external phone number feature ? Please help


Need a channel (outbound) available that can accept a call to be terminated at a standard telephone number, and simply dial the cell number.

While the way you implement this can get complicated, the actual transfer can be as simple as


exten => 8801,1,Answer()
exten => 8801, 2, Dial (${OutBoundTrunk}, ${MyCellNumber},30)

; then probably include instructions to
; dump the caller to your voicemail
; if you don’t pickup within 30 seconds

While you could hardcode the values as below:
exten => 8801,2,Dial(Zap/1,5551212,30)

I heartily recommend that you place these and any similar values in your global variable collection because you forget half of the places you end up using the information and seldom to never get it right the first time when you have to make wholesale changes. It’s a lot more fun to jump to the top of the file and change the value in MyCellNumber than it is to find the references throughout the lengthy beast that a mature extensions.conf file becomes.

Actually, for this purpose - instead of using MyCellNumber you could provide a variable that is stored in astDB with a family that represents you the user and a key that represents the current number to fwd calls to, along with another key that turns forwards on and off, then test fwdyes, and dial fwdnum if yes. This is a far more elegant solution but not for the faint hearted. On the other hand, using the database, you could set up one extension for any/all forwards, for set up and teardown and transfers. So a user dials exten 8801, inserts his extension number and his voicemail password - can press (choose a digit) to turn forwarding on (or off) then be allowed to key in the number to be forwarded to. The cool thing is that the user could do this from home or where ever.