Asterisk mini http server

I read the sticky at the top of this forum about asterisk-gui being dead however is this the same as the mini http server that comes in asterisk 13 core? … TTP+Server

I ask because I can’t get the http server to work on asterisk 13 on centos 6.6. I’ve followed the instructions and done everything right, I’ve edited http.conf and manger.conf, reloaded asterisk and disabled the firewall but the web page won’t come up. Is there another step I need to do?
does asterisk offer any debug that might show why it’s not working?

I’ve installed (the old) asterisk-gui several times on earlier versions of asterisk so I am familiar with the process. Thanks for any help.

The GUI was a set of HTML and javascript that interfaced with the AMI interface provided over HTTP.

The HTTP server in Asterisk itself has not been deprecated or removed. In fact it’s seeing more use with the addition of the Asterisk REST interface in 12 and above.

As for diagnosing the problem without console output at startup, what URL you’re using, configuration files, etc, it’s hard to say anything.

ok thaks, I suppose the first thing I should check is that I’m using the correct url. I’ve configured the port to be 8088, so is the gui at :8088?
earlier documents said it was
:8088/asterisk/static/config/index.html, but that doesn’t work.
I can’t find the correct url in the asterisk docs.

The GUI for what?

for asterisk

There is no built in GUI for Asterisk.