Asterisk v1.4 - mini http server - need help

in Asterisk 1.4 a mini http server is included.

i’ve enabled it in
(enable=yes and enablestatic=yes, bindport=8088)
enabled=yes and webenabled=yes

i’ve checked the port 8088 with a portscanner but no response. I believe that this mini http server is not running.

how can i check if this http server is running or not ? :question:

example: asteriskip:8088/asterisc/static/ajamdemo.html —> no response because port 8088 do not answer


an obvious question would be about your firewall on the * box. Drop iptables and then see!

there is no firewall but i found the problem.

binaddr must be - i tried it with (localhost) was in the configfile but does not work …would be an idea to change this in the configfile by default

only is working

thank you