Asterisk GUI - some Not Found's and/or now data shown's

Hi all,

I’m moving over from my TrixBox server to the Asterisk + Asterisk GUI.
After a lot of testing it looks like I got most stuff working fine on my Debian Lenny system.
Some small things like all the options under the GUI system do not work.
When I try to access System Info > General it is showing me only the text OS Version:, Uptime:, Asterisk Build:, Server Date & TimeZone:, Hostname: BUT no actual values.

System Info > Network, Disk Usage and Memory only show me “Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Asterisk Server”

I did search the forum, and it suggested that the prefix in /etc/asterisk/http.conf was set wrong
The prefix is set to “prefix=asterisk”, so this is not the problem.

Anyone here who might know what could be wrong, or how I can start debugging this?

Thank you.

After moving back from “asterisk-1.6” to “asterisk-1.4” all is working fine.
I guess version 1.6 in combination of Asterisk GUI (2) does not really work well on my server setup. :frowning:

How did you get the asterisk gui working in Debian? If I enable it in my http.conf and go to port 8088 on my server I get “The requested URL was not found on this server.”. Same if I go to port 8088 /asterisk

Edit: I ended up just installing the gui from svn in Debian. Not really what I would have liked to do but it seems to work.


;prefiz=asterisk is commented out remove asterisk from your url:



Any other sugestion on this issue?

I did try without /asterisk/ no good. Getting The page cannot be found error. Asterisk is working fine I am able to use command line. The http server is up and running. The iptables are open.