Asterisk manager API vs. .call files pros/cons?

I am using .call files currently to make some calls, but have been reading more about the manager API. From a practical standpoint any pros/cons that would cause one to lean toward one or the other?

thanks for your thoughts.

using the manager would allow for a remote server to generate the call. by using a remote server for scripting/webserver you offload work from Asterisk.

using call files side steps any networking or authentication issues you might get with the manager option.

also, call files actually take longer to initiate (about a second per call) whereas the manager based calls are instantaneous.

not a huge deal unless you are initiating thousands of calls per day through the system - that time adds up, and we all know time=money.

also if using the api your application can better supervise the call and decide if it went through or if it should call back later…