High Call Volumes - Manager API

Hi There.

Ive been trawling around as much as I can find, but im coming across conflicting infomation - maybe someone here can share their thoughs?

I have 8 Asterisk Boxes, each with 120 ports of either Digium TDM or Redfome TDMoE, which are used for faxing and voice mesage delivery outbound, and for IVR and Calling Card inbound.

I would like to manage the outbound calling of these boxes centrally, through a custom manager application. However, is the Manager.API capable of reliably dealing with maybe 200,000 outbound call requests per day?

out system will be expected ( with additional ports and servers - scale to fit) to hit upto 3,000,000 minutes of outbound deliverys per day.

your comments will be very much apreciated.


Yes it is possible, we’ve done over 300,000 call Originations and tracking through the manager API on 5 Asterisk server over the course of 24 hours. This is with astGUIclient/VICIDIAL which uses a perl script to launch and monitor calls through the manager API on each server and store tracking data about each call in a MySQL database.

Many thanks for the feedback , I will continue my development into this. I was think i might have to create .call files and start moving them all over the place, which isnt as nice a way to go…

Thanks Again.