Asterisk manager api

anyone who knows or who have a working manager api?
especially about calling an extension ,transferring call, voicemail etc,
manager api doesnt have documentation.
please post any material about manager api.

one more thing how can i get the variables passed in manager api originate? i mean the manager api variables pass to dialplan… … +Originate … ger+events


There are several ways of using the api. The one you are referring to is via telnet.

Open a session to the ip:port as defined in the manager.conf

How to use the manager. The documentation is actually there however, it might not be too obvious.

To login you need you have to type in your telnet window (exactly this)

Action: login

Once logged in you can start doing the other functions.

The other way (which works for me) is using asterisk-java. Just download the jar file which also contains a tutorial. THis way you can do your call management using a separate program or even a web interface.

Hope this helps.

thanks its already working now…
i got a new problem…
is it possible to play a music or a recorded message in manager api?
what im trying to do is use Originate Action… after my phone rings the recorded message will be played (please wait. call in progress…) then the other line rings…

is it possible? thanks

No this is not possible through the Manager API but through (Fast-)AGI combinded with the Manager API.
See for an example.