Asterisk in box_A Asterisk Calling Card platform in box_B


Just want to have any idea if it is possible to design an Asterisk server with calling card

This is what i want to happen. Asterisk server will be installed in box_A
and Asterisk Calling Card Platform and the Data Base will be installed in box_B

Box_A is purely dial plan while box_B is the Calling Card Plaltform and Data Base as well
so there will be two computers for my design.

Is it possible ? if so any link or tutorial even manual?
Is it difficult?

Thanks in advance

It is possible.

Depends of your knowledge of programming etc.
You can start with AsteriskTFOT.pdf - google knows from where to wodnload.
I can get idea why you need to devide work this way, but according my understandings of Asterisk, you should forward all cals from one asterisk to other to use CC.
I think it is better if one computer is with Asterisk and CC, the other one is with DB.

Thank you very much pal for the quick reply
i really love this forum :smile:

another option would be to use FastAGI and let asterisk use FastAGI running on a remote box (maybe the DB server) to handle all the DB interactions

this way it may be possible to have multiple asterisk boxes handling the calling card calls

Thanks for additional idea