Asterisk with external Database


any1 tried to designed asterisk with external database? could u plese post your steps or url for tutorial or book on how to do it.

just like this,…

Database <------>Asterisk w/ Apache & Php,TE110P<----->Channel Bank
(store data for
remaining call balance,
voicemail and
monitored call) <----->Asterisk w/ Apache & Php

Is this idea faster than having database in asterisk together with Apache and php?

just a small piece of your know how …

any idea please

If you’re using PHP do it by AGI or thru

yep, what i want to confirm if it is good idea to
install Database=Postgresql in a box alone while the Asterisk,Apache and PhpAGI is another box?

i have read from this … pgsql.html
and i cant figure it out if Postgresql and Asterisk Realtime Database is in the same box or there were two box one for DBASE and one for Asterisk.

…im just newbie in database thing…

saan ka ba sa phils?

Do you really have to use realtime? The answer to your question really depends on your projection. If you think you’ll have large number of records and large number of simultaneous call on initial stage, then distribution is the best approach. I can’t anything wrong starting with 1 server.
As for account/card remaing balance…there are lot of approach, like a2billing, astcc. In my own experience, I used Mysql together with my own module for call cards (I have to do it this way, because my boss requires a lot of bells and whistle that none of these add-ons can satisfy at that time) , now I’m shifting everything to my new module, built with radius-client-ng for maximum flexibility and ease of maintenance.

I’m here in Ortigas, Pasig.

ah ok thanks for additional knowledge…
i dont know how many calls we’ll have but my boss says he will be
selling cards so im trying to design the system that is easy to expand that could accomodate many calls in the future

somewhere here in visayas:)

look at

which one