Asterisk@home Web Interface

I have run the IOS image its successfully installed asterisk@home.
It asked me to enter user name and password which i did.

I am getting stuck at here

[root@asterisk1 root]#

Can anyone tell how to proceed further to enter into asterisk@home web enterface?


You can’t get into the interface from Asterisk@Home machine. But when you start it, it tells you an http:// address, something like Now you need to have this computer hooked up to a network. Then you’ll need to go to another computer on the network and log on to Asterisk@Home computer by typing the URL in Internet Explorer of any other browser.

On the Asterisk@Home computer you can type asterisk -r to see what’s going on on this machine.

Hey Zeezhan you are legend. Its works mate. Thanks for the tip.

I would like to register cisco 7960 sip phones in asterisk@home can you please provide step by step procedure to register the phone. I would like to test the phones locally.

Thanks Zeeshan

Its a little serious step, you’ll need to go through information given at the following URL. … cisco+79xx