Registering IP Phones


How do i register IP phones in Asterisk@home. Can you please provide step by step procedure? I am using cisco 7960 IP Phone and Budgetstream Ip phone.


Simply access the menu, specify the proxy and registrar (normally your base server for both) your usename (your extension number) your password

Which menu?

Are these ADSI phones?

What is your setup? Do you have a VoIP provider like broadvoice, or is this a pure corporate network where you have your servers connecting to each other only?

if the latter you will need ot also confgiure contexts in extensions.conf

Firstly thank you for your reply.
I am testing in my home. I have installed asterisk@home image on my PC. Would like to test it in my home with four voip phones.


All are SIP phones

SIP yes, but do they support ADSI? That is, do they have a huge LCD screen? I’m looking it up now

OK, cisco does, budgetstream does not.

the Cisco can be configured with the network configuration on screen menu


cisco can too be setup with web interface

Thanks For Reply

I am using cisco 7960 sip phones, What is ADSi?

The link which you sent is for US only. I live in Australia.

If you know how to register the phone can you me show in step by step please?

If its register then where to go and check in the web interface whether its registered or not?

How do i alocate extensions to the registered phones in web interface?


How about we pop round and do it for you???

What do you mean, “the link is for the US only”? What has geography got to do with configuring a SIP phone???

Have a good read of all the relevant information at

Offcourse information is not good enough and user friendly. If you cannot provide information better keep quite rather than passing any comments.