Asterisk Guide help

I had a system running, the hard drive went bad, I did a back up and I need to install the same version of the old one 1.2.17 please would anyone guide me how to do this, I need step by step how to do it, I have fedora 6 installed, so I can put my system up and running again. Thank you very much.


If you are a french man(or woman) just have a look to and then click on the wiki button. There are a lot of step by step procedures.
In another case have a look to

Good luck

I don’t know french… :cry: Spanish and Inglish and I went to the address that you told me and it tells me the it will download the lates version of thi astrerisk I need to install is the version 1.2.17, this is the address that you gave me … stallation.

Ps. do you think that you can help me isntalling the asterisk and I paid you ??? I going crazy with this…Please help, Thank you