Asterisk GUI installation trying to install the Asterisk GUI.however b4 i can do that, i have to install svn.can’t i just use wget to downlaod the GUI.svn is becoming difficult to install becos i need to download Apache and its anyways does the GUI affords me the chance to configure Asterisk as i would without it.or it limits me.are there any good guide to understanding subversion and installing it.

what distro do you use?
Ubuntu = sudo apt-get install subsversion
CentOS= as root, yum install subversion
Now as far as the gui vs the cli, I prefer the cli, because you do have more control and you know everything that is going on. If there is an error in your dialplan its easy for you to go through and figure out what you did wrong. If there is an error in the gui its alot harder to look through and understand what other people have designed it to do. I do have a test system at work setup with freepbx using PBX in a Flash, but that is just for some testing work that I am doing against Avaya IP Office right now. I dont use it for anything else. Freepbx does seem like it offers alot but it is taking me a while to learn how to do things with it.
The best place to start is
Edit: I just realized you are using the Asterisk Gui, I think all work on that has stopped and that digium is even using freepbx for AsteriskNow. So I wouldnt be using that GUI .

Am using Fedora 12…but it seems complex downloading and compiling subversion

Its actually not bad, but like I said the asterisk gui is not being developed anymore, so why use it…
Instead I did a little googling and found this for you. … -fedora-12
Freepbx is what all of the packaged distros for asterisk are using. I would think if you want a gui you should use it.

The svn client doesn’t require Apache.

thanks y’all