Hello can anyone tell me where I can find Asterisk-gui for asterisk 1.4 and what is the best distribution for it?


best distro ?? you’ll never get a single answer to that, although Digium would say use AsteriskNOW and get everything in one download.

because I was using freepbx with suse and on the latest distribution I had real trouble to make it work and they told me that it is connfigured for centOS.

if you are familiar with Suse then you’ll probably be best sticking with it. the Asterisk GUI doesn’t seem to be as “involved” as FreePBX, so there are probably fewer dependencies and certainly a lot less to install and configure before you get going.

give it a whirl, then come back and tell us how easy it is :smiley:

I managed to install also asterisk 1.4.0 as asterisk-gui.
I encountered the following problem:
try to configure via web but it works only on localhost but I don’t have a normal browser there only a text mode browser. I stopped the firewall trying to connect to the box with asterisk via web and it still doesn’t work. can you please tell me what can I do?

What is the better choice? This will be my first install (for my company, small, simple system), but, I am planning on installing for several varying sized organizations going forward.

Thanks for any opinions!

Installed it on SuSE 10.2 with asterisk 1.4. It is running fine I just configured for simple telephony nothing special for now.

I’m very new to askerisk, but I now have a full working setup, I tried the regular asterisk 1.2 and 1.4 along with freepbx and feeswitch, I ran into too many depency issues before getting either web front end to work, although aterisk did work but needed configuration. I downloaded “Asterisk Now” and had a working setup with gui in a matter of a very short time! Thanks to Asterisk Now! This is great!

i probably deserve to be whipped for this, but yesterday i setup a little Via C3 demo machine for a client that is interested in Asterisk and a new server.

installed ClarkConnect 3.2, the devel tools, kernel source and headers then mISDN and Asterisk and was all up and smoothly in an hour … including working out why Asterisk was freaking out at startup (compiling for incorrect processor).

make a nice little box that can do just about everything i need for demos.

[quote=“zozo6015”]Hello can anyone tell me where I can find Asterisk-gui for asterisk 1.4 and what is the best distribution for it?


How on earth do you download the GUI ? :confused:


This url does not work ??
I get the error 301 moved ??