Need to know if there is a GUI for Asterisk version 15.2.2

We are running Asterisk version 15.2.2. The main IT person that worked with the system has retired. I do not know Linux and was wondering if there is a GUI interface for this version. Or should I just look at upgrading all together?

Asterisk does not include a GUI interface, so any GUI interfaces would be a separate project. One of those would be FreePBX, which would support such a version. However if things have already been configured FreePBX would not provide such an interface for managing it, and you would have to completely redo the configuration within the realm of FreePBX.

Does a any of the newer versions include a gui?

No version of Asterisk contain a GUI.

No GUI for Asterisk gives you full control of the configuration; they all build additional abstractions on top of Asterisk and expect the configuration to conform to those abstractions.

If you have a simple configuration, it may be possible to mechanically import into a GUI, but the initial step will require a high level of expertise to confirm the configuration is simple, and to work out how to do the conversion.

We don’t include a GUI with any. Asterisk as a project is really a toolkit that can be used to build many things including a PBX. To that end other projects, such as FreePBX like I mentioned, fill the role of building things on top with GUIs and other functionality while we focus on making the lower level parts as good as we can.

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