Asterisk DOWN

We’ve got an old asterisk system that we sort-of support. Every once in a while we have to reboot it. This time asterisk didn’t come back up. I can SSH into the box but am at a loss for diagnostics. I have downloaded the log files and am going through them but in the mean time, anyone know of any quick diagnostics steps I can perform (service checks, try to manuall start asterisk, etc…)? Drive space isn’t an issue.


Getting this when I try to load asterisk manually…

Jun 10 13:16:05 WARNING[3208]: chan_zap.c:921 zt_open: Unable to specify channel 1: No such device or address
Jun 10 13:16:05 ERROR[3208]: chan_zap.c:6879 mkintf: Unable to open channel 1: No such device or address
here = 0, tmp->channel = 1, channel = 1
Jun 10 13:16:05 ERROR[3208]: chan_zap.c:10307 setup_zap: Unable to register channel '1-23’
Jun 10 13:16:05 WARNING[3208]: loader.c:414 __load_resource: load_module failed, returning -1
Jun 10 13:16:05 WARNING[3208]: loader.c:554 load_modules: Loading module failed!

Zaptel card bad? Is it required for internal calling? …actually I guess it is

Anyone know of a way to manually load the zaptel drivers? …maybe they aren’t automatically loading.

My guess is that you have upgraded the kernel. Kernel modules need to match the kernel version in use.

Note that zaptel is obsolete, although the source should still be available, to allow you to rebuild for the current kernel.

To manually load the drivers on a standard CentOS installation, use “service zaptel start”.

Or you could use modprobe, or even the lower level module loading command, which might allow you to try and load a wrong version driver (risk of instability).