Drivers not loading correctly at startup

I’m running version 1.4 of Asterisk, Zaptel, and libpri. All is working except that after I reboot I have to run:

rmmod wcte12xp
rmmod zaptel
modprobe zaptel
modprobe wcte12xp
service asterisk restart

In order to get my channels to appear with “ztcfg -vv”.

Any advice on what I need to modify to make things load correctly would be greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks in advance, Tim

I figured it out myself.

I needed to edit the /etc/sysconfig/zaptel to automatically load the drivers for my card (and not load the ones I didn’t have) on startup.

I read asterisk the future of telephony cover to cover and I did what I thought was a fair amount of research online and couldn’t find this info. I finally spotted the instructions at the end of a zaptel-1.2 - make install.

I’m sure this info is easily found and I was just too dense to spot it, but if that isn’t the case I hope this helps someone.