Asterisk devops

Hello ,

hope everybody is safe during challenging time

i have a task to automate our demo installation process.
Our software is mainly a GUI that operates with asterisk via AGI and stores all data to MySQL / MariaDB storing all sip configuration , and CDR logs
for each potential costumer we have to setup a separate virtual server

the key task is to find a solution to connect multiple instances of our software to a single asterisk instance since it’s a demo server there is usually 1-5 simultaneous calls max
main question is there a way to include a different config files depending on the connection ip.
eg: we have over 128 IPS mapped to the server each demo server will have a dedicated ip to map did’s and to whitelist for the sip trunking ( to avoid fraud ) if some device is connecting to a dedicated ip corresponding res_mysql , cdr_mysql , and sip config files are loaded.

maybe there are other different ways to solve this task?

any advices are welcome

thx in advance

You might check out Ansible, build up Ansible Playbook piece-by-piece with what you need, then separate variables into host_vars/ subdirectory - create one config file there for each host you are targeting, with the specific whitelist, DIDs, etc.

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