Integrating MySQL

Can someone point my in the direction of a step-by-step guide for installing the RealTime implementation linked to a MYSQL database?

I’ve successfully got CDR writing to MySQL, but can’t work out how to take the next step and run the Extensions from MySQL as well.

Asterisk is fully operational, and I’d be quite happy to run it as is, but the thought of trying to explain how to change the extensions.conf file to my boss isn’t exactly a fantastic thought!

I’m probably being stupid, but I’ve tried the PHPAGI install, and couldn’t get my head around that, i’ve looked at the odbc link to mysql and also the MySQL inbuilt stuff, but none of it is really making sense.

Hope that makes sense,


After reading that, go towards the bottom of tha page and read the other links for sip, iax, voicemail, extensions. It pretty much covers it all.