Massive Asterisk Deployment

Hi All

Yes I searched the forum but could not find much information :wink:

I have been working with Asterisk for 8 years and I have a scenario I have never come across before.

Problem: Create a solution for 5000 extensions/sip trunks with very basic dialplan + cdrs + full log + transcoding g729 to a/ulaw.

I need some information please if anyone can assist. I plan to use Dell R720 servers. I was thinking 1000 extensions or trunks per Dell R720 (I will adjust extensions as per load). Either Asterisk 1.8 or 1.10 will be used. This will be a pure IP setup. No interface cards. I was wondering what the following physical limits are:

Asterisk 1.8 or 1.10?

How many extensions can asterisk handle. I know it all about hardware but lets say its a Dell R720 with 16gig ram and 2 Xeons + SAS drives.

Is there a load difference between sip extensions and sip trunks if they are all using NAT/external IPs?

Does anyone have any important experience they can share with me regarding massive asterisk setups and what the areas are to watch out for?

Any answers or advice is very much appreciated. Thanks All!


Why would you want to use Asterisk 10 if it is Short term support? Asterisk 11 is Long term support and I would recommend that you go with that.

The ammount of calls that a server can take is impossible to determine without a good simulated test. I think there is not way arround that. But I can definitly say this - call transcoding will bring the server to their knees. Avoid transcoding by any means possible.

I havenโ€™t done large scale Asterisk deployments, but as far as I know Asterisk is not a good performer when it comes to handling SIP Registrations. I have heard that a lot of times some SoftSwitch-like software is used for handling SIP Registrations (i.e. Kamailio) and load balancing, Asterisk only takes care of the calls and features (voicemail, etc.)

In the end - as with all large scale deployments. A lot depends on choosing the correct topolgy, so spare no time and money on this stage. Peer support forum can take you only to some extent.

Thanks for the reply. Was not aware that Asterisk 1.10 was short term. As for the rest I agree. Was hoping someone had some experience with a very large setup. Keep well!