Asterisk and Mysql


i want to know how linked asterisk and mysql to work together.

i want when i add a user in the database that will add in the .conf file (sip.conf or iax.conf)

i filled the extconfig.conf, the iax.conf, and the res_mysql.conf

i don’t know why it’s not working

can i have a step by step please…

thanks for the help

Mike … alTime+Sip

You should add 2 rows in your extconfig.conf, you MUST uncoment
[settings], in same file.
you should create table in a way described in link above, you should make changes in res_config_mysql.conf - with real username and password, to make connection to DB.
You need to restart Astrisk - and you will have users from DB.
I have no idea how to write users from DB to conf files - I don’t know any reason for this opportunity.

If you have more questions - ask me. I just solved problem we real time - and my knowledge is fresh :smile:

Please take care about version of Asterisk - I used CVS verion from 30 of July. Only new versions support real time.