Asterisk bandwidth questions


First of all, I’m sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I reviewed the sticky on where to post / how to post and this seemed to be the right area.

Now on to the meat of my question. I’m responsible for a facility with 10+ locations and we are thinking about making the switch to Asterisk. Unfortunately for me, a few of the locations are only connected to our central site via wireless. In one case one of the sites is connected to a spoke site via wireless, that is only connected to our hub site via wireless as well. :blush:

I’m looking for some software that can give me some fairly good numbers regarding how many calls I can expect to successfully pas across these links before I commit our phone system to it so I can make some network upgrades if necessary.

I’ve looked at SIPp but I either don’t understand it well enough for my needs or it just plain doesn’t do what I need. It seems like i can only play back an already recorded RTP stream. I’m looking for something I can setup at my central location on a single PC, with a client at each of my spokes, and generate RTP streams in a way that allows me to keep adding another stream at my discretion and monitor jitter and latency until they fall out of acceptable ranges so I know how many practical calls I can truly get over each of my inks.

Can anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction on this issue?




just bumped into this bandwidth calculator:

I’ve run an iftop on my asterisk test server, with one call and different protocols, quite nicely, the theoritical values from the calculator and the actual values measured do match !

there is an 15Kbs overhead, for rtp, udp, and IP (last two a bit vague)



just bumped into this bandwidth calculator:


I was under the impression (and someone else may be able to better answer your question) but the latency on a wireless connection will cause you more grief than the size of the pipe (or bandwidth availability). Any idea what kind of latency you are looking at between sites?

Sineapps (now ventureVoIP) used to have a very nice iax test tool that would test the link quality to an IAX2 endpoint .

Looking at their site its not avaliable for download anymore. I have used it may times and its very helpfull