Choosing an appropriate Server for Asterisk

I am trying to figure out my server configuration required for Asterisk.
I have chosen a 2GB RAM Ubuntu box. But i am unable to figure out what is the bandwidth i should choose so that i can server WebRTC calls.
Q) For example an audio call over WebRTC for 1 hr will consume how much my server bandwidth?
if i get an approx bandwidth then i can calculate my monthly usage and setup my server accordingly.
Any other Suggestion regarding configuration would be great.
I am using this Ubuntu box for Asterisk only.

Thanks in Advance

Codec + Overhead * 60 * 60

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You missed a *2 assuming that there is a live person on the B side, not just an internal service.

When calculating the overhead, you need to allow for RTP, UDP, IP, and MAC overheads.

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Excellent point David. I forgot to account for the 2nd leg of the call. I’ve been dealing with too much one way paging traffic lately :slight_smile:

Thanks David and Johnkiniston. It was so helpful
I came across 2 links that also help me to understand and calculate better. Sharing so that other can also use it