Help calculating bandwidth

I am looking into setting up VoIP for my business, but am having a bit of trouble figuring out how much bandwidth I’ll actually need. I’m expecting 720,000 incoming minutes of calls each month. Looking online I found hat g.711 codec takes 95.2 kbps, or .714 MB per minute, G.729 takes .294 MB per minute, G.722 takes .285, and G.723 at 6.3 kbps takes .164. Thats at least 120GB and at most 515GB. I’m not sure I can use the G.723 codec though because I am going to be recording these calls and needing to replay them. Are there any nuances I may have been missing in calculating these numbers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m using an ITSP (voice-pulse) to connect to our Asterisk Box. And specifically concerned with what the bandwidth requirements on the Asterisk machine will be.

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David … ulator.php
might be useful

i used asteriskguru’s calculator to calculate the numbers i have in my first post. I was just wondering if there was something i wasnt understanding, because it seemed to me that the numbers seemed pretty high

well it’s not a small number of call minutes you’re dealing with there. 720000 minutes is 500 days (24 hours) or 1500 8-hour days of calls. per month.

what’s the concern, the actual bandwidth you’ll need, the throughput/data transfer with your ISP, or the storage you’ll need to store this lot ?

this is a serious opertation, and is going to need serious kit, bandwidth and storage.

You can check There you can see that the number are even higher when you consider layer2 protocols.