[solved] Bandwidth.com's 64k RTP, vs. 20k for Asterisk


Asterisk will work it out by default, but if you use bandwidth those ports might need to be open on your firewall.

Hey guys,

Bandwidth.com likes to use rtp up to 64,0000.

This seems to be at odds with Asterisk using 10k-20k.

A client is having mysterious one way audio on a phone or two, could this be because bandwidth sent an rtp port above 20k and asterisk didn’t process it?

(bandwidth.coms support line is in perpetual hold and their droning adds have turned my brain to mush)

You can set your range in rtp.conf

The receiver chooses the port number. If bandwidth.com wants to receive on port 65535, Asterisk will honour that. Similarly bandwidth.com, will only transmit to port numbers offered by Asterisk, which means the 10,000 to 20,000 range, when using the sample rtp.conf.

Firewalls and NAT devices may need to be made aware of this.