Asterisk as SMSC between SIP ATAs

Hi all!

I’d like to know, if it si possible to use Asterisk in the following scenario:

  1. Phone 1 - Analog SMS capable Phone connected to Sipura/Linksys 2002
  2. Phone 2 - Analog SMS capable Phone connected to another Sipura/Linksys 2002
  3. Asterisk server between them

Could I send SMS between phones without any ZAP channel and without cooperation with external SMSC? Just recive SMS from Phone 1 and send it to Phone 2 using Asterisk like private SMSC…
If it is possible, could you point me to some usefull howto (or show me functional fragment of dialplan, i.e. extensions.conf). I have red but I couln’t found answers to my questions. Maybe I’m not clever enough :slight_smile: