Send SMS with Asterisk

Hi everybody.
I have some trouble to send sms using smsq, Can you please indicate what can i do? :cry: I have a TDM400P and I’ve already used the command:
smsq --motx-channel=ZAP/2/061000021 06XXXXXXX "hello world"
And when I see Asterisk CLI output I find:

      > Channel Zap/2-1 was answered.
   > Launching SMS(0) on Zap/2-1

SMS TX 92 01 FF 6E
SMS TX 92 01 FF 6E
SMS TX 92 01 FF 6E
… many more of these lines follow and you’ll need to restart Asterisk …

Notice : 061000021 is the SMSCenter number of MT “Maroc Telecom” as 0809101000 the SMSC number for France Telecom.

Can you help me!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: