Asterisk and what card?


I am newbie
Im planning to implement asterisk here in our company to be replacement of our existing PBX System
exploring of asterisk is good for me now, i mean i can able to install in pc machine and setup basic configuration.

its works for me now using hardphone to hardphone, softphone to softphone and from hardphone to softphone.

my question is i have 4 telephone lines provided by our Telecommunication company

now i want to use this 4 lines together asterisk.

for exmple if i have outside call then asterisk can manage it.

what device or card that i need to buy and install it in my pc machine


TDM400P or A400P with 4 fxo modules

The TDM400 was long ago discontinued by Digium and replaced by the TDM410, which offers superior interrupt handling and compatibility with modern systems, as well as support for DSP-based echo cancellation. The A400P is a clone of the discontinued TDM400.

Buying telephony cards from Digium, and not from cloners, supports the development of Asterisk. Buying from a cloner takes funds away from Asterisk, and means Digium can’t afford to put as many developers on Asterisk as we and the community of Asterisk users would like.


In my country TDM400P still in the stores and A400p really works great, sure I recommend DIGIUM first always but you can google it many brands too like sangoma/openvox/rhino etc.

Again, buying from Sangoma, Openvox, Rhino or anyone else does not further the development of Asterisk. It detracts from it, making it harder for Digium, who’s putting the dollars behind Asterisk, to put additional developers on it.


So malcomd we cannot recommend any hardware if its not DIGIUM?

I think that the flexibility to use an open plataform is that. Its open and we can decided to use any alternatives. Sure we need to support the Asterisk developers and community but we can choose many different vendors.

[quote=“navaismo”]So malcomd we cannot recommend any hardware if its not DIGIUM?

You absolute could. You’re reading a conclusion that I’m not drawing. I’m pointing out what happens to Asterisk when one puts money into the pockets of people who don’t financially sustain Asterisk.