Hardware recommendation

I have been browsing digiums net pages and still need some hardware recommendations. There are some products I can’t find.

I am planning to build to pbx boxes, one for private home and one for small business.

The home unit is a pots line where i would need 1 fxs and 1 fxo module, The TDM400P seems to be perfect but might be overkill on the price. Are there alternatives?

The business is a isdn / bri line and therefore I feel that a t1 / e1 card is overkill for a small installation. Are there a similar card as TDM400P, but for ISDN?

For the home you could use an ATA to get the FXS and FXo Connected to asterisk see links


voip-info.org/wiki/view/Anal … e+Adapters

For other types of interface cards see here