Asterisk and VoSKY "Call Center" Skype Box

Has anyone tried using the VoSKY Call Center Skype box to make and receive Skype calls via Asterisk?


If no one here has tried this as a solution for connecting Skype to Asterisk, I will get one and see what I can do with it, and report back.

Might take a little while because Radio Shaft and CompUSA, the only Actiontec/VoSKY dealers in this area, have decided in their infinite wisdom to only offer this product via on-line ordering and not in any of their stores. :frowning:

It really seems like it should work… connect the phone line jack on the VoSKY box to an FXS port, and connect the VoSKY’s USB cable to a USB port on a Skype computer.

Unfortunately it seems that you’ll need a separate computer for Skype (i.e. can’t run Skype on your Asterisk host) because the VoSKY driver software only comes in Windoze flavors … hmmm … could try running it under WINE… that’d be interesting. :smile: