Can you do this with Asterisk? (ext routing VOIP and POTS)

Hi all,
I’m a new VOIP subscriber and so far really like it. Problem is, there is no VOIP in my exchange yet so I went with one in my area code but it’s a toll call for neighbors to call me. I’m keeping my land line for emergencies and to keep that number but want to have only the most limited service on it.

With Asterisk, is it possible to do the following?

  1. When an incoming VOIP call comes in (through Sipura 2002) have it go in to Asterisk and then out to my cordless phone. When an incoming POTS line call comes in, have it go in to Asterisk and also out to the same cordless phone. This way, no matter what number people dial, my same phone rings.
  • I could do something similar with call forwarding on the POTS line but then I would pay LD for local calls that get forwarded to the VOIP exchange which is LD
  1. Can I route all outgoing calls from the cordless phone to go over VOIP … EXCEPT 911? It would be nice to have 911 go out the POTS land line.

If these things are possible, would I need a card with 2FXO and 1 FXS?

Thanks a bunch!!

Yes this can be done. As far as card you would need an FXO for the POTS line An FXS for you cordless and as far as connection to your VOIP provider depends on who it is ask them if you can connect asterisk directly to them so you might not need that last FXO