Asterisk and Cpanel - voip solution?

Gidday from down under,

I was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on running asterisk on the same machine as cpanel? And if so, do you know of any specific addon which would give you control via the web interface of cpanel?

This would make a really nice setup, being able to have cpanel inclusive with a voip service.

Feel free to add in any suggestions on the matter you might have?

Awesome question. I am in the same situation … but more humble in that I would like both to run on same server independently. I read how building Asterisk on a vanilla box can be very time consuming, but I am afraid the the implications of installing Asterisk on same box as cPanel as this may cause the two packages to interfere with each other (both want to control MySQL and Apache).

Perhaps this is technically dangerous and unpredictable as cPanel and Asterisk release updates, they may overwrite each other in relation to MySQL and Apache. But the idea is awesome! We have a dedicated server runnning cPanel that has enough resources to easily perform as an Asterisk server as well. There would be a huge cost savings for us to combine the two in one.

Please, anyone in the community who has answers … now there are 2 of us asking! :smiley:

Lol, I’ve been waiting for someone to even touch on this, in the asterisk and cPanel forums for ages :smiley:

Even a control panel add-on for controlling/monitoring a separate Asterisk server would be a great bonus.

  • Any developers out there willing to take on a project like this would find money in it I’m sure. Even an open source - donate scheme.

As you can imagine, a number of larger ISP’s use cPanel and asterisk (and If you don’t believe that, you’ve just seen 2) and to have a better front control GUI for asterisk would be pro, integrating it into cPanel as a resale opportunity… excellent

Too early…

I’ve done a compile of Asterisk and FreePBX on a Fedora Core 1 box that runs cPanel.

It’s not up and running, yet. The first snag i’ve run into so far is the renaming of the http server to asterisk/asterisk (as per these instructions here: … PBX-Centos

under “Create and Set Permissios” (from an ozzie site, that one :wink:).

It seems cPanel doesn’t like it when the username is reset for httpd and insists on httpd being run as root. When i reset the config file, all the dynamic webpages dropped offline with 403 errors.

However, when i reset the user and group permissions to nobody/nobody, the pages came back up no problem, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue with PHP but instead the httpd permissions.

I haven’t found a workaround yet – i’ve been working on this most of the day – so if anyone’s got any ideas…

Otherwise, i’ll keep y’all posted.

We have been thinking about this for some (about a year now) and have begun such an integration attempts part time as well as. For those interested in being involved and if there are more specific questions related to the issue let me know. Are goal is to make it as easily manageable through the cpanel interface as well.