Need help Asterisk+Voiceone Installation on Raspberry

Hello everyone, I know I am not supposed to post here about anything not directly regarding Asterisk, but I am totally desperate at this point.

First, let me introduce myself since this is also my first post here. I am an engineering student from Madrid, Spain. Currently I am working on my final project which all students have to do in order to obtain our degree. My project consists on developing an ATA over VOIP on Raspberry Pi B+ , with Voiceone webservice acting as a frontend.

I am not going to elaborate a long post before I am allowed to ask here about something that isnt Asterisk itself. So, to make it short, I am coming here because I am stuck. I am first of all installing and setting up Voiceone, which is where my teacher-tutor told me to start from. I installed Apache, mysql and Asterisk on the Debian distro called Raspbian that is running on the Raspberry. Everything seems to be working correctly (afaik, because I am a newbie user to linux and have never even touched mysql, apache2) but I can not get past step 3 of voiceone’s installation setup.

I hope I can get some help with this here. I want to explain that I have posted here because Voiceone doesnt have any support forum that i know of, and I hope that after I manage to set voiceone up I will only have to worry about Asterisk itself and therefore use this forum properly.

Thank you for your time.

anyone please, still stuck

I don’t think anyone knows what part 3 of voiceone’s installation suggests…

i just assumed someone here has to use voiceone for asterisk, so maybe they could help me.
if you or anyone else wants to help me i am happy to give more info, whatever you need, i am truly desperate.