IP camera on SIP video phone

Sorry if this is in wrong place, i did read the sticky and this seemed to be the right place. Hopefully one of the moderators will move it if not.

Anyway, i am brand new to asterisk but am learning fast (what a fantastic idea), i have set up a test system at home and am currently running several diferrent hardphones and softphones, all successfully. I have recently added 2 GXV3000 video phones and again have both of them runnig nicely. I also have a few IP camera’s on my home network. What I would like to know is if there is ANY way (software, hardware) that I can view the ip camera’s on my video phones. I understand that i can buy new sip compliant camera’s but they are very expensive (and hard to get here in South Africa). I need to know if there is a software frigg, or hardware gateay etc i can use. I am using asterisk v1.2 so am limited to video codec h.263.

Any help or push in the right direction would be most appreciated.