Integrating Videosurveillance with IMS

I’m trying to integrate a videosurveillance system with IMS network but first I have to configure an IP camera on Asterisk to become finaly enable to make video calls from IMS client to the camera on Asterisk and the camera will be able when detecting movement to make video call to Asterisk clients(X-lite)…So the question is how can I configure the camera on Asterisk ? and what kind of cameras is more you suggest?
any help will be appreciated.

I do not know of any cameras that have SIP stacks.

Start there.

what I should do ? …what about configuration ?

I’d start with researching IP camera vendors to find one that speaks SIP.

Once you find your camera configure a endpoint in pjsip.conf for the camera to register to asterisk with and then define whatever dialing logic you need in extensions.conf same as any other endpoint.

Most cameras have have a SIP module nowadays, from inexpensive Grandstream ones to expensive Axis devices. Most cameras also allow multiple media streams.

That said, Asterisk integrations make a lot of sense for door bells, etc., but generally it is not a good idea, imo. The steps to integrate a camera are essentially the same as for audio-only phones. That’s not the problem. As far as video recording is concerned you are much more concerned with events that need to get somehow filtered and archived. A PBX is not helpful here. It usually makes more sense to have a dedicated video server with some bells and whistles (like ZoneMinder, in case one wants an open source solution). I have some Axis cameras that talk to Asterisk and ZoneMinder, but for different reasons.

As far as a video-server is concerned, you need to think big and dealing with terabytes of data is still not really fun.



I have an end of training memory, and i have as topic: study and integration of a video surveillance system with an IMS network, for that i have to set up a sip trunk between asterisk and IMS servers to be able to make calls from asterisk to IMS and vice versa as first and then i have to configure a camera on asterisk server, this camera will be able also to make video call to asterisk clients when detecting movement and receive video calls from IMS clients…
at list for the video server i think i can use IPTV and VoD server on IMS server ??..

I’m sorry for my English…it’s not so good!!

thanks for helping me.

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