Asterisk and video support

Hi, good afternoon.
Yesterday I configured 2 softphones (Zoiper) to use video-calls, testing before to buy 2 IP Phones with video for customer. I set the files SIP.CONF and EXTENSION.CONF to enable the protocol H.263+, and to DON’T REINVITE (canreinvite=no). Then, the IP Phones was set on the same LAN with same protocol, resolution and FPS, but I failed. Only voice could be heard.
I could make a video-call by enabling the REINVITE (canreinvite=yes), but in that case I can not manage the call once it has been established, cause the device “talk” directly without a media-gateway of Asterisk.

My question is if to use video function, do I need some other. Maybe, over the configuration, are some modules needed for H.263, H.263+ and H.264?
Thank you