Asterisk and Alcatel OmniPCX 4400


I want to use Asterisk as “tunnel” between the Alcatel-PBX and the Phones. The Phones are located in another office. So I thought I can connect the lines out by alcatel directly into the asterisk-computer. Asterisk will convert the digital-lines from Alcatel into VoIP-protocols and send it to the client.

My question: is this possible?

My configuration at the moment (for testing only) is a PII-400 with ISDN-Card and Network-Card. VoIP between the clients are successful, VoIP through ISDN to normal phone is also okay.
I have tried to connect a Phone into Alcatel with immediate redirection to ISDN-number of asterisk. If I call from outside the Alcatel-extension, the call is redirected via ISDN to the SIPphone-Client. But: I need a permanent redirecton also, if the Phone on alcatel is on (Telephone receiver removed) to the SIPphone-Client.

Is this possible, and how to configure?

Thanks, Steffen


I am in the process of having a 4400 switch installed which includes 120 IP channels for site to site traffic. I have asked the engineer for 15 of these channels to be split for use with a test asterisk system. is this something you are still interested in, or have you already acheived what you needed?